In our webshop we offer organic, biodynamic - and natural wines. We work with small arisanal, passionate producers who cultivate forgotten grape varieties. 90 Percent of the range is without the addition of S02. There is hardly any intervention in the vineyard and cellar, no additives, no cultivated yeast and all fermented grape juice is unfiltered. So you get (h)honest pure wine like winemakers always made until before the industrialization of agriculture.

Working without additives requires perfect, healthy fruit from a vineyard that is in complete balance with the elements. In the cellar, they make extensive use of old-skool vinification techniques such as: maceration (orange wines), the use of anforas and the solera technique. Natural wines are generally more complex, each season a tad different and healthy for the body. Enjoy in moderation...





The online wine shop in Bruges with natural wines and so much more

In our online wine store from Bruges you will find natural wines, but you can also buy biodynamic wine. It does not matter whether you like orange wine drink, a red or white wine drinker or prefer a fortified wine such as vermouth drinks. You are sure to find a wine or wine drink to your taste in our online wine store from Bruges.

Also buy wine that is good for the environment

There are also organically grown wines. This is wine produced according to strict rules. The growers of this wine cultivate in a nature-friendly way. According to them, nature is too degraded, so an extra test is needed for regeneration. A kind of homeopathy for the vineyard. If you are going to buy this wine in our wine store in Bruges, consider this unique wine, with which you can enjoy a good glass without guilt. Here it does not matter whether you like to drink white, red or rosé wine. Also, with our wines you will enjoy delicious sparkling wines. Even the special orange wine is among the possibilities. You can also choose our unique botanical wines.

Order your natural wines from the online wine shop from Bruges

The nature-friendly wine from our online wine store in Bruges tastes no different from normal wine, although a good taster will notice finesse you won't find elsewhere. Do you want biodynamic wine or buy natural wine? Browse the selection in our online wine shop and order the wine, which you will have delivered far beyond the Bruges area. We deliver your order at home if you live in Flanders or the Netherlands.